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The original Watch
Too Late original watch
Too Late watches define immediacy, irreverence and irony.
These are the characteristics that this Italian brand has used to baptize its watches with.
The classic Too Late watches were the company's first successful product. It is a solid accessory adored all over Europe from sandy beaches to major urban areas. The watches are digital, they feature the date (first the month than the day), and on the surface of the watch there are two buttons that enable you to set it and change its mode from time to date. They come in a variety of colors and models and are made from innovative materials. They are also shock-proof, anti-scratch, water-proof and designed to be adaptable to any given situation and personal taste. The more design-savvy people prefer to wear several watches at one time, extending the color variations on their skin. The more conventional people would prefer to choose from the basic colors such as black and white, nonetheless they appreciate the colorfulness and modernism of the Too Late brand.
Too Late has created a watch that can fit all your 24/7 activities, from going to school to working in the office to chilling out in an exotic beach to going out to a fancy night club. What could be said about the packaging? Too Late watches are place in a sparkling, well-rounded and Eco-friendly glass jar. This innovative packaging, first in the world for a watch, has received a nomination at the 2009 Condè Nast Design & Innovation Awards in London.
With Too Late you can ride on your own time, you live to the limit, you tell the time on the run and react to it by instinct. A watch made for your wrist, ready to hit the road.

It's always Too Late.
- Waterproof 5 ATM
- Available in two size:
MEDIUM (17cm di circonferenza)
LARGE (19,5 cm di circonferenza)
- 15 fresh colors
- Cool silicon
- Glass packaging
- UltraLight (15 grams only)
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