1 Operation and validity of the Gift Card
1.1 The "Gift Card", available for the amounts indicated on the Site, can be used by the Customer of a third party to purchase any Product on the Site, except other Gift Cards, until the credit runs out.
1.2 The Gift Card is not issued in a specific name.
1.3 The Gift Card can not be combined with other Gift Card and / or promotions.
1.4 The Customer can purchase a Gift Card for himself or as a gift for others.
1.5 The Gift Card can not be topped up and can be used, until the credit runs out, to purchase products in separate orders from the Site - except other Gift Cards.
1.6 The Customer can put in the cart Gift Card products along with products of other categories
1.7 In case of partial use of the Gift Card credit, the customer will receive at the email address duly notified, a new coupon code, in order to use the remaining amount. This practice will take place until the credit runs out.
1.8 The Gift Card, that will be physically supplied / shipped in card format, can be purchased on the Site clicking the following 
link www.too2late.com.
1.9 The Gift Card is valid for 12 (twelve) months from the date of purchase by the customer of the card itself.
*The amount spent to purchase the Gift Card will be transferred to the Seller, to a non-interest bearing account, which can not be converted into cash or transferred to a credit card of bank account.
*The purchase of the Gift Card is not subject to VAT under art. 2 par. 3, lett. a), Presidential Decree 633/1972.


2 Gift Card purchase procedure - Completion of the purchase contract
2.1 Before the shipping of the Gift Card, the Customer will be presented with a summary of his order. He is required to carefully read and expressly approve the general terms and conditions of sale by ticking the relative check box and, finally, confirm the order; During the order summary phase, the Customer will also be asked to select a payment method from those available on the Site.
2.2 The recipient of the Gift Card shall be entitled to use the entire value of the same at the following conditions.
2.3 The Customer is warned and declares to acknowledge that should the Customer provide an incorrect address for the recipient of the Gift Card during the purchase process, this will make it impossible for the recipient to receive and use the Gift Card, for which the Seller shall have no form of responsibility.2.4 The Customer who has ordered one or more Gift Cards will receive an order confirmation email with the order number and the order summary.
2.5 Please note and remember that the recipient of the Gift Card (even if he is not the Customer) receives an accompanying leaflet with instructions on how to use the Gift Card and the code to be used.
2.6 The Customer, however, must know that the Gift Card will be activated on the day of purchase. Even if the customer has purchased the Gift Card as a gift to a third party.
2.7 It is expressly understood that the term of twelve (12) months of validity of the Gift Card will run from the date of purchase. 


3 How to use the Gift Card
3.1 Immediately after activation or (so, the day of purchase) the Gift Card can be used to purchase any Product on the Site, including the shipping costs.
3.2 The Gift Card can not be used to purchase another Gift Card.
3.3 No additional cost is charged for the activation or use of Gift Cards.
3.4 More than one Gift Card can not be used to purchase Products from the Site on the same order.
3.5 To purchase Products using a Gift Card, please enter the Gift Card code in the designated field on the virtual shopping cart page.
3.6 The Gift Card can be used to make several purchases on the Site until the credit runs out and within the validity period of the same (12 months).
3.7 If the total amount of the order exceeds the credit available on the Gift Card, the residual amount shall be paid by the Customer or recipient using one of the payment methods available on the Site in order to complete the process.
3.8 When the Gift Card validity period (12 months) expires, it can no longer be used and any credit left on the Gift Card will not be refunded
3.9 The Customer may request information on the remaining credit and expiration date of its Gift Card contacting the Seller through this e-mail: customerservice@too2late.com.
3.10 The Customer is expressly warned and hereby acknowledges that any person who knows the Gift Card code can use it on the Site: the Customer, or any third party to whom the code is communicated, must keep the code in a safe place. As for the conditions of use of the Gift Card, it is understood that the Customer or recipient of the Gift Card shall abide by the conditions and sales system provided by the Seller each time, also in computerized form.


4 Right of withdrawal from the purchase of a Gift Card
4.1 The Customer is entitled to withdraw from the Gift Card purchase contract, without penalties, within a maximum of 14 (fourteen) days from the Gift Card purchase date. The exercising of the right of withdrawal is expressly excluded in cases of withdrawals from the purchase of a Gift Card that has been partially or totally used to purchase  Products on the Site.
4.2 To exercise a right of withdrawal, within the term indicated above and on the condition that the Gift Card has not been partially or totally used to purchase Products on the Site, the Customer must inform the Seller of his decision to withdraw from the contract sending an explicit statement using the withdrawal form.
4.3 In case of withdrawal under the provisions of the preceding paragraph, the Customer, will receive a refund for the amount paid to purchase the Gift Card, without undue delay and, in any case, no later than 14 (fourteen) days from the date he communicates his intention to exercise his right of withdrawal. Said refund will be effected using the same means of payment used by the Customer to purchase the Gift Card.


5 Right of withdrawal for Products purchased using a Gift Card
If one or more Products are purchased using a Gift Card, the Customer is entitled to exercise a right of withdrawal, in accordance with General Sales Conditions. Exercising this right of withdrawal will affect the entire order and, therefore, it will be necessary to return all the Products purchased in relation to the same. If the Customer exercises his right of withdrawal for Products totally or partially paid for using Gift Card credit, if the terms provided in the General Sales Conditions are met, the amount paid for the purchase order for which the right of withdrawal is exercised, will be refunded, for the part paid for by Gift Card, directly to the new Coupon code generated after the first purchase and this will be spent by the Customer under the terms and conditions listed above - and any additional amount paid by one of the other payment methods available on the Website will be refunded to the customer under the terms and the conditions set forth in these General Sales Conditions, by the same means of payment.

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