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TOO LATE: the right time for an explosion of style

With TOO LATE accessories you can express your desire for creativity and build your own style, one accessory at a time.
Discover a world of visionary design and proposals outside the box.

TOO LATE: Italian brand, global vision

The concept behind TOO LATE was born in the hills of Franciacorta, in the province of Brescia, but it flies so high that it has international horizons. The creative team gathered by Ale Fogazzi, founder and CEO of the brand, intercepts the most original inspirations, collaborating with young designers from all around the world and welcoming the ideas that come directly from the fanbase of the brand, composed of dynamic people who are always ready to express their opinions and give voice to the desire for new styles. Straddling new trends and insights for the future, TOO LATE creates design accessories in contemporary style and tries all possible combinations of creativity, imagination and the desire to amaze.

TOO LATE watch: every single second, the accessory of the moment

A TOO LATE watch is much more than a functional accessory: it is pure design to wear on your wrist, an expression of style and a statement of lifestyle – it is always TOO LATE for those who want to live life to the fullest and do not have a single second to lose.

TOO LATE watch: the birth of the myth

In the TOO LATE world, watches and declarations of intent overlap: the brand does not limit itself only to offering useful and trendy accessories, but it seeks to deliver to its audience a constantly reassembled range of true design objects to wear. That is why for more than ten years TOO LATE watches have been the ideal choice for free spirits who want to give a new meaning to time and for those who are not willing to give up either Italian style or international trends. Starting from the first model, the ORIGINAL TOO LATE watch, an anthem to the most essential simplicity, the brand has developed a wide range of avant-garde proposals constantly inspired for (and by) the target audience. With over 3 million watches sold in Italy and 21 other countries around the world, TOO LATE is an independent planet that has found its distinctive place within the fashion galaxy.

TOO LATE: watches, bracelets and much more

The passion for international creativity, attention to detail and continuous exchange with fans of the brand have allowed TOO LATE to develop a series of proposals that go beyond the watch that have launched the identity of the brand. Today it is difficult to imagine defined boundaries in which to limit the TOO LATE spirit: bracelets, watches, water bottles, bags, belts and other accessories inspired by the most dynamic everyday life coexist within a varied and exceptionally creative catalogue that does not stop contaminating, growing and renewing itself without ever losing sight of the central philosophy of the brand.

TOO LATE bracelet: one product, a thousand souls

In the TOO LATE catalogue, feminine, masculine and unisex bracelets mix with one another to offer a variety of proposals ranging from the most essential designs to the most decorative lines, from the most pop ideas to the most indie ones. From the free and unapologetic spirit of the MAKI line to the irresistibly sweet and delicate soul of the Macaron bracelets, each TOO LATE bracelet expresses the wide range of personalities of the brand with a different language, which lets its creativity run wild by proposing captivating products such as the colourful Defense triple bracelet in silicone, the romantic Save The Date bangle or the soft Twist.

TOO LATE products: where to buy them

Do you dream of wearing the authentic TOO LATE watch or do you want to amaze a special person with an original and memorable gift? Lovers of contemporary design will not be able to resist the brand’s catalogue, which proposes trendy objects with personalities so prominent that they will not be influenced by the passing of the seasons. TOO LATE watches, bracelets and accessories are available in selected stores and in the official online store: click here to find the store closest to you with our Store Locator or visit the e-commerce monobrand now.

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